About us

Welcome. We are The Welly.

The Welly is a dedicated place for arts and entertainment in our City of Culture. The Welly exists to promote and celebrate Hull and everything it offers. Since 1913.

Who We Are.

The Welly is owned, run and operated by Tokyo Industries – As the team behind The Welly we’ve been running events in the city for decades. We know how much good stuff is going on in the city, and we want to help promote that to locals and visitors alike. Over the past decade, the city has become a vibrant, exciting destination for all kinds of arts, culture and entertainment. The Welly is here to help ensure that this scene continues to flourish and grow.

What We Do.

The Welly is the place for people to watch the best entertainment events we can bring to Hull. Events of all kinds, shapes and sizes .

Our Ethos.

The Welly was founded in an effort to promote the city’s arts and entertainment scene, and to bring it closer together. Simple, fair and honest, we’re here to support all kinds of events –

Sell and Promote with us.

Are you an event organiser and would like to put on any type of event @ The Welly?

For diary and gig enquiries, please contact matt@giveitsomewelly.com or for general enquires please use info@giveitsomewelly.com